Summer Events on Campus

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May 7-11 Big Sky College Track Championships

May 16 Northwest League Baseball Tournament

May 20 Associated Oregon Loggers

May 22 Rotary Steak Feed

May 23-26 Music in May

May 28-31 Oregon Child Dev. Meeting

June 1 Slagle Wedding

June 8 Vasey Party

June 14-16 St. Alexander Retreat

June 15 Northwest Conservatory of Dance

June 16- July 12 G2CS

June 17-22 Cleary Basketball Camp

June 17-22 Primetime Football Camp

June 21-23 Pacific Wrestling

June 20-30 Masters of Fine Arts residency

June 24-27 Rismuller Basketball Camp

June 25-30 Focus on Book Arts

June 29-30 OOPTSG

June 27-July 1 Thunderbird Dance Camp

July 2-4 Thunderbird Dance Camp

July 6 CSI

July 5-8 Thunderbird Dance Camp

July 9-13 Point Guard College

July 13 CSI

July 14-18 Adidas Tennis Camp

July 14-18 Timbers Soccer Camp

July 17-21 North Pacific Yearly Meeting

July 21 Concours

July 21-25 Timbers Soccer Camp

July 22-25 Cleary Basketball Camp

July 21-28 Viola de Gamba Society

July 26-28 Northwest Beekeepers Conference

July 26-31 No. 1 Soccer Camp

July 28-Aug. 2 USA Cycling Camp

Aug. 2-4 Permaculture Conference

Aug. 4- Forest Grove Half Marathon

Aug. 8-11 Elk Cove Vineyards Retreat


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