Winter courses offer many travel options

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Pacific University is offering a wide range of travel courses for students in the winter 2014. Students will have the chance to travel to places such as Trinidad, England and Costa Rica.

Students will be able to take the study abroad courses in a wide field of studies.

Those who are majoring in art will be able to receive credit for a Drawing on Location class in Hawaii.

Art students or students who are passionate about their drawing skills will be able to work out in the field drawing the landscapes and the people of Hawaii.

For students who are looking for community service opportunities, there are two courses; one that will travel to Arizona as a Navajo Service Learning class.

A Seminar course in Kenya will focus on the impact of globalization on the people.

Those who choose to go to Arizona will be spending three weeks living in and fully experiencing the Navajo society and culture.

In Kenya students will be able to see and understand the ways that social institutions have impacted the native people.

Impacts on the environment will be the main focus in the Tropical Rainforest Biology course that will travel to Costa Rica.

Students will be looking into the natural history of the local rainforests and helping with current biological research.

This course will offer students the chance to have hands-on learning and in the field experience.

Students who are interested in learning more about the culture of while receiving credit for theater courses, a course is being offered that will take students to London, England .

The course will allow students to view and analyze theatre productions, and view the historic landmarks.

Freshman Connor Torrence will be traveling to London in the winter, he said that he is “hoping to take away a sense of culture” from the country across the pond.

Torrence said that he has never left the country and hopes to be able to take away as much as he can from this trip.

With professor Tal Sanders heading the trip, Torrence and other students will see productions, museums and historic sights of the foreign country.

Courses during the winter term are also a good way for students to test out whether or not they actually want to try a semester abroad.

Torrence said that he is using the winter course as an experiment to get a taste of a life abroad.

Winter courses are often used as tests for students to see if they will be able to commit themselves to living so far away.

They can also be perfect for people who cannot afford to take an entire semester or even a year away from the school to live in another country.

Torrence, along with the other students who hope to travel next winter are encouraging others to travel with them and to have a fun and new experience, one that will be hard to forget.


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