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The Tutoring and Learning Center focuses on implementing new programs, hiring more qualified tutors, and becoming a certified learning center to better meet the needs of students.

Director of Student Academic Inclusion and Success, Yashica Island, said the center began a program this year to have a foreign language student in the center every night of the week to help students become more efficient in their language courses.

Tutors will be available to help with grammar, pronunciation, and any other concerns students have.

She said another focus of the TLC this year is to become a certified learning center through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA.) Being certified would mean new tutors would have to be certified before they are hired.

Along with the new language tutors, the Tutoring and Learning Center has a wide variety of tutors and volunteers to help with virtually any subject. Their most popular subjects are math, chemistry and physics but there are also tutors to help with editing papers and to help students come up with ideas for research papers.

Island said each time a student visits the TLC the center will notify his or her professor of the students’ efforts.

For students wanting to help, Island said the center always welcomes volunteers. She said they are still in the process of hiring tutors who were awarded Work Study in their financial aid packages.

In order to become a tutor, the student must be approved by the department chair of whichever subject they choose to tutor for, as well as maintain an A or B in that particular subject throughout the semester.

The tutoring center is located in Scott Hall and is open Sunday through Thursday from 7p.m. to 10p.m. Island said that although those are the designated tutoring hours, the center is always open for students who want a quiet place on campus to study or work on homework. Snacks and coffee are always provided.

She said she thinks the TLC could be a really great place for students to get together especially during midterm exams, to get together and form study groups.


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