Improv readies for new season, shows

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Inspired by the 90’s show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” Pacific students started their own improv show and are entering their second season.

Improv is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and even the dialogue is all made up on the spot.

Freshman Kyle Southard said, “It’s a non-scripted game show that consists of a few actors improvising and constructing a scene the audience picks.”

Pacific has its own short formed improv show, which is a division of Lunchbox Theatre and a subdivision of the drama club. There are three sets of shows throughout the year, one in fall semester and two in spring semester.

Within these sets, there are four shows that take place. One of which in the afternoon, two in the evening, and one “raunchy version,” at midnight as described by the Coordinator of the Improv Show, Alec Lugo.

Two former students created the midnight show last year.

This show is the most demanded by the Pacific campus.

“The show had its biggest audience ever filling up the Black Box,” said sophomore  Lugo, “We ended up breaking fire code and got in trouble, but we were still excited about the turnout.”

The Improv Show was forced to move their midnight show to the Tom Miles Theatre where more seating was available for the larger fan base. Lugo said this year the troupe has brand new games that they will be trying out for the first time during the fall shows.

Since the audience’s participation is required for the show to carry on, no script is written, nor is any detail about the games within the show.

Junior Olin Blackmore said the closest thing to a script that they have is the order of the games.

After losing five seniors, the three returning members held auditions in order to replace the graduates.

With a total of seven in the troupe, Lugo said, “This year is a young and new troop and it’s interesting to see how well we’ve already bonded.”

Southard said the chemistry amongst the group is great.

“We mesh really well together; some games fit us better than others so we are able to connect the dots.”

While last year was quite a success for the improv show, this year is looking even better.

With all the anticipation arising from the student body, the expectancy for the turnout of the audience is “going to be freaking awesome” said Lugo.

Lugo will be the new host with the help of a mystery, but familiar unnamed co-host, will be bringing back some fan favorite games and test running some new ones.

New members of the troop, such as Kyle Southard, are also itching to introduce themselves to this year’s audience.

The shows for this fall semester are Wednesday, Oct. 2 at noon and 7:30 p.m. in Black Box Theatre in Warner Hall and on  Thursday, Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the Black Box Theatre and at midnight in the Tom Miles Theatre.


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