Involved student gives schedule advice, ideas

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Stacie Struble does it all, from activities in the outdoors to taking a full course load that many students couldn’t handle, she works hard to achieve everything she does.

While Stacie is involved in Outback’s voyages program, she also swims, works in marking at Pacific University and also works in the athletic training room in the Stoller Center.

With all of her activities, she somehow manages to take 16-18 credits per semester.

“I tried to take twenty last semester,” Struble said. “It was a big mistake.”

When she actually has some free time on her hands, Struble loves surfing hiking, photography and spending time with friends.

As a junior, Struble is an exercise science major and her plans are to become a personal trainer or coach after college. She also wants to continue her love for photography.

Although she’s an involved student on campus, Struble admits she’s not that organized, and that her smartphone saves her life with reminders and calendar.

“I’ve tried planners, but I’m never able to follow through with them,” she said.

Stacie said she has always been a busy person, so it’s nothing new that she needed to adjust to. Advice she gives students who are overwhelmed is to find time in life to relax, and enjoy yourself.

When asked if she likes having this much going on, Stacie commented, “I like it, it keeps me busy. It keeps me from sitting on the couch watching TLC.”


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