New club repurposes clothing

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Students on campus now have the opportunity to be able to learn how to take old clothing and repurpose them through the Do-it-Yourself Fashion Club. While there, students will not only learn to re-fashion clothes but will also learn how to do so in a stylish way.

Sophomore Mahala Nelson is the head and founder of the club.

Nelson considers herself the right person to look for fashion trends because of her experience in designing clothes and print shirts for an online website.

As an integrated media major, Nelson has been looking to try and keep her fashion hobby alive.

As a freshman, she was surprised to find that there wasn’t already a well-established fashion club.

The main idea behind the club was to help people turn older and seemingly unusable clothes into items that someone would want to wear again.

When Nelson first created the club and created a Facebook page, there were a large number of people who were interested and joined the group.

Nelson said even with the large number of initial responses, not as many people came to the workshop as she was expecting.

There are two main components to the club. The first is the meetings, where members discuss goals, ideas and upcoming projects.

The second, and most hands-on part of the club is the workshops. Workshops are held every Thursday and give members an opportunity to create and re-fashion clothing.

The first workshop was held Sept. 26. The theme was tie dyeing and ripping old shirts that Nelson had gotten from thrift shops.

Nelson said the workshop was very successful, with a medium sized group. She said the people who came were able to have a great experience and learn a lot.

“Being able to walk around campus and see people who are wearing the clothes that they were able to create in one of the workshops is very satisfying,”said Nelson.

In the future, Nelson is planning on having the next workshop be focused on denim and working with making denim fashionable again.

Future workshops for the DIY Fashion Club will be held Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Warner.


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