Teaching job offers abroad opportunity

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Coming to Pacific Thursday Oct. 31 will be a coordinator from the JET program, or the Japan Exchange and Teaching program. Representative Matthew Turner, will be on campus to explain the application process and what the program is about.

The JET program allows people to go to Japan and work in schools or government offices in Japan to help students to learn English, setting up events or even translating documents. JET works similarly to the Peace Corps in that students will be in a year-long contract, that is negotiable, where they will be living with a host family or with other teachers. They will have a monthly salary and time off for vacation and exploration.

For those who are interested in having a new experience in Japan but haven’t taken any Japanese classes, the program is actually looking for people with little Japanese language proficiency. In order to be able to teach English to Japanese students and for the students to have immersion classes. Associate Director of the Career Development Center June Dresser said it is better for the teacher and the students to only be able to communicate in the language that they are trying to learn.

Although it would make it much easier on the person if they were to have had some experience with the Japanese language in terms of assimilation.

The program is looking for people who want to do something with either education or with Japanese culture and by having students who may or may not be sure of what they want to do yet, this is a great opportunity.

Dressler, works with Turner involving the program on campus and trying to get students interested in the opportunity.

“I have yet to hear of anybody who has not had a positive experience,” Dressler said.

Many alumni that go into the JET program according to Dressler, are able to make very strong bonds with the people that they are working with. There are people from all over the world who participate in the program and often times, on their vacations, JET participants will travel together going from one country to the next.

The JET program is looking for students who are graduating college or already graduated with at least a bachelor’s degree and to be proficient in the English language written and verbal skill.

Students are encouraged to apply by the deadline of Nov. 26.

Turner will be on campus Thursday Oct. 31 along with a JET program alumnus to answer any questions that students have.


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