New dorm raises RA quota

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The search is on. A new residence hall in 2014 means more resident assistants will join the team to fill it. For Ben Dictus, Area Coordinator for Clark Hall, McCormick Hall and Gilbert Hall said there would be no more than 32 resident assistants this upcoming year. There are currently 27. The new dorm will host about seven new resident assistants, but Dictus said that

number is subject to change.
At the first information session, 12 interested

students learned how to apply for the position.
“What’s more successful is our nomination

process,” said Dictus.
Current RAs, faculty and staff nominate students

who they think would be good candidates for the next year. “The nomination list is as big as 100 people so

far,” said Dictus, who estimates that one third of those students will apply for the positions.

He credits the large list of nominations to the group of RAs he and the area coordinator for Walter Hall, Burlingham Hall and the Vandervelden Court Apartments Megan Hockert, have this year.

“We have a solid group of RAs this semester,” said Dictus. “There are difficult parts, but they see that working, through those parts makes a difference in their residents lives.”

He said there’s a good list of alternates for the upcoming year as well. This past year there were ten “solid” alternates and Dictus said they ended up using a few.

Returning RAs’ applications are due Feb. 10 at 5 p.m. The decisions on which returners will be accepted is announced Feb. 19. On Feb. 21, new applicants applications are due. Dictus and the residence life staff will review applications until March 7.

Most people that apply, except those with serious academic or conduct issues, will get a 30-minute interview. After that, there’s a group process interview where applicants go through team-building activities. All sections of the process are rated by three of four people, said Dictus, then scores are compiled.

Last year they did something different for the application process which will continue into this year— applicants will not rank where they’d like to be an RA.

“We are looking to have people commit to the position, not the placement,” said Dictus. “We take input throughout the process, but we try to build the best teams. Teams with diversity of experience and skill sets tend to be the best.”

The biggest tip Dictus gave to new applicants was to visit the Career Development Center. He said he could tell which resumes the CDC staff reviewed.

“We aim for the process to be an educational experience,” said Dictus. “Apply. Just because you haven’t had job experience doesn’t mean you won’t do well.”


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