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The job market is demanding more and more out of their employees. Prospective employees ought to have a college degree, preferably a masters or a doctorate, as well as volunteer work. On top of all of that, an internship is often necessary to get your foot in the door.

While this seems like an overwhelming amount to accomplish, there are people who are more than willing to help students in order to make the whole ordeal much more feasible.

Those who work in the Career Development Center are some of those people. While it is their job to help students, they work insanely hard for those that ask for their help and really do want to help students.

One of their specialties is helping students to apply and prepare for internships. Students can go to the CDC and set up individual meetings in order to receive assistance with internships.

In these individual meetings, students will be put through a mock interview where an advisor will ask questions and then “debrief and provide feedback to the responses in context of the opportunity to which the student is interviewing,” according to Assistant Director and Pathways Coordinator of the CDC Katie Lardy.

Not only will students be able to see what an interview may be like, but they will have practice so that when a real interview comes up, they will feel confident and relaxed.

During an interview, students may be asked certain questions like “What are your strengths?” Instead of responding with a list of accomplishments, Lardy advises that students “offer[ing] up an example of a time when they demonstrated the skill.”

Internships are highly valued in the workforce for the experiences that future workers will have been able to obtain.

They are not only helpful for employment possibilities but also for networking. Through internships, students have the opportunity to meet people who are working in their field of interest and to see the different positions that field may offer.

Whether the internship is paid or unpaid, students will be able to benefit in more ways than they may have thought previously. And with the help of those in the CDC, getting the internship for you is all the more plausible.


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