Farmers’ Market offers variety

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The Forest Grove Farmers Market has become a hot spot for many students, not only does the Farmers Market provide students with a taste of the community that they live in, but it also gives students the opportunity to explore different vendors and get a taste of local businesses.

Rene Bennett of the Bennett Urban Farm Store was one of the many vendors at the Farmers Market.

“Bennett Urban Farm Store is known for their homemade jam,” said Bennett. “As well as their coffee that is roasted in their backyard that is locally sourced and made in their own certified domestic kitchen.”

They are a local business and sell their products through the farmers’ market here in Forest Grove as well as Hillsboro, Cedar Hills and North Plains.

Another vendor at the farmers’ market is Sweet Treats by George.

Sweet Treats is a family business in Forest Grove that makes and sells different kinds of peanut brittle including hazelnut, cashew, autumn brittle, coconut macadamia, English toffee and coconut almond toffee.

Troi Richards of Sweet Treats said, “Sweet Treats is teaming up with Pacific University and their products will be available for students to purchase at the Boxer Bistro in the University Center with the students dinning dollars.”

Another vendor at the Farmers’ Market was Kik Thomas’ booth that specializes in selling “Choffy,” which is a brand that brews chocolate.

“The product is roasted and brewed very much like coffee but instead of having all the chemicals involved in drinking a cup of coffee,” said Thomas. “You get the same health benefits provided from eating dark chocolate.”

Thomas is based in Forest Grove and travels to many different Farmers’ Markets selling her products.

The Forest Grove Farmers’ Market gives students and local residents of Forest Grove the chance to interact and explore the many local businesses that are found in the Forest Grove area and in the surrounding communities.

Farmers’ markets always offer good opportunities to meet new people and to try new things.

Make sure to stop by and explore the different vendors every Wednesday until mid-October from 4 to 8 p.m.


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