Students explore Club Fair prospects

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Joining a club in college is a dif- ferent way of showing self-expression without doing it alone. Here at Pacific University, we have more than 70 differ- ent clubs available, the majority of which were at Club Fair on Sept. 5.

Sophomore Delaney Morse said, “I really like all of the activities they have at the club fair and how well they advertise the clubs.”

Students don’t realize how much they might enjoy something completely out of their comfort zone until they give it a try. From anthropology and sociol- ogy, to sororities and fraternities, many students have the opportunity to seek out what clubs they might be interested in joining.

A brand new club is the Rotaract Club. This is a community service based group that focuses not only on giving back to the community we are living in, but internationally.

While talking to

Courtney Welch, she explained that the Rotaract Club’s goal is to make a difference.

“In the end we are all people, it doesn’t matter where we’re from or who we are, everyone goes through points of trouble in their life where they need help,” said Rotaract Club founder, sophomore Jacob Clarke. “And that is what Rotaract is about, young adults coming together to help others.”

Rotaract Club is “a movement where young adults come together for one goal and that is to make the world a better place,” said Clarke. “I believe its time that Pacific University followed that movement.”

If you’re interested in making strong bonds with friends and doing philanthropic work then you

should consider Greek life. An Alpha Kappa Delta sorority member, junior Nicole Vickers explained that the Alpha Kappa Delta Sorority donates money to

the Dougy Center.
The Dougy Center is

a center for children and teens who are grieving or struggling and provides them with a place not only to feel safe, but a place to grieve and handle their grief in a positive way.

“I signed up for the Accounting Club and the Alpha Kappa Delta Sorority while I was at the club fair. I’m excited to meet new people and try new things,” said freshman Jaylen Ehara.

Clubs are a fun way to make new friends and expose yourself to different groups of people.

There are many groups and clubs on campus that are waiting to be explored.

Emily McLain
Outdoor Pursuits showed students activities they have for the school year. Junior Cameron Chow (right) and sophomore Amanda Odell manned the table on Sept. 5.

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