Dances to continue on campus

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Dances are to be continued but only with more supervision. Friday, Sep. 26, the “Moonlight Dance” will be held on the University Center Patio from 8-10 p.m., rain or shine.

The “Moonlight Dance” will follow the Center for Gender Equity event, “Step In Her Shoes,” from 5-8 p.m. in the Quad, taking steps from a higher point of view to help end domestic violence.

Pacific University’s men will compete in relay races wearing high heels, bra contests and many more fun games to help raise money for a serious cause.

After the CGE event, students can enjoy music by student DJ’s on the UC patio.

Activities and Cultural Events Board (ACE Board) and faculty will be hosting an open discussion at 10 p.m. for students. Campus Wellness Coordinator Laura Siltanen will help guide the discussion.

Students are encouraged to stay after the “Moonlight Dance” and to be a part of the dialogue. ACE Board and faculty are looking forward to receiving student feedback to understand what they really want.

Chair of ACE Board and junior Jessica Cueva Caves, said, “the conversation afterwards will be the key to how and if next dances will be held.”

Assistant Director of Student Activities, Pete Erschen, confirmed that there would be no breathalyzers during this first dance but it will be discussed in the future.

“If students are willing to change and create a more respectful atmosphere for everyone, then we can keep having dances,” said Erschen. “If not, we won’t have any more.”

Throughout the week ACE Board encourages students to send them any questions they want to address at the discussion.

Students are able to contact them through their email address,, or through the Facebook event page.

ACE Board looks forward to working with other students to help make dances a more fun experience for everyone.

“The discussion is open for anyone to become a part of the campus life, so why not start making a change on Friday night at 10,” said Caves. “S’mores will be included.”


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