Noise Parade in full swing for Homecoming

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Trucks full of neon lights and screaming students are soon to return for another year.

Fraternities, sororities and many other groups on campus are in preparation for the annual Noise Parade, bringing back old traditions while starting new ones.

At the moment, Pacific University Greek Senate, PUGS, members are working to make sure everything is set up by the day of the event.

Senior PUGS Vice President of Recruitment and President of the Theta Nu Alpha sorority Rebecca Brown will be making sure everyone has a great time before and after the event.

“As of right now I think we have Lesley Hallick and Mayor Peter Truax as for-sure judges,” Brown said. “We’re getting others to judge as well. We’re also working with Martha in the alumni office. This year, because it is the homecoming kickoff, [the Alumni Office] is hosting a barbecue beforehand, so the judges can check out the floats before the parade and see the students come in costume.”

At the moment, groups on campus are working on their theme. Public Relations chair for the Theta Nu Alpha sorority, Briana Larson, showed that her sisters are working in a good harmony.

“I feel like we’re the kind of group that once we get a general idea, we come together and make it happen,” said Larson. “I think it will turn out really well.”

The route for the floats will start on College Way following the All Alumni Barbecue. This will make sure students, alumni and members of the Forest Grove community can see the student life groups light up the night.

Of course, the Noise Parade isn’t restricted to just the Greek life. PUGS is reaching out to other groups on campus to make sure that they can enjoy the night as well.

“We opened it up already to everybody,” Brown said. “We love to see clubs there, but we’re really trying to get more. We’ve opened it up to SAAC this year, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee to get more sports team involved. This year, there’s been more of a push for Greeks to get athletics involved, so we would love to see them, too.”

A new fraternity on campus, Kappa Sigma, has helped to push involvement on campus.

“Kappa Sigma has been invited,” Brown said. “We would love to see them out there, because they are a new part of PUGS and Greek Life, so I would assume that they would adopt our tradition so we would have an all greek unity.”

“Kappa Sigma has more than proven that they want to be a part of the Pacific University community,” Pugs President and Alpha Zeta President, Stuart Leijon, said. “We are happy to be working with them. Alpha Zetas stand behind Kappa Sigma; we are excited about their presence here on campus because they are bringing a lot of excitement and momentum to the Greek System as a whole”

Clearly, for the Greeks, it’s about a lot more than just winning. It’s about coming together rather than just standing alone.

“Winning is cool, but i don’t think it’s like our focus,”Senior Delta Chi Delta secretary Liz Stevens said. “I think we like the community of getting to hang around other greek groups, see what they came up with. I think it’s builds good spirit and bonds the community.

Noise Parade will be held on Friday, Oct. 3.


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