Dental Hygiene offers free service to students, community

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Students at the health professions campus in Hillsboro are required in many of the programs to perform clinicals or externships before graduation, practicing their profession in an environment where they are evaluated and able to gain real-world experience.

For the Dental Hygiene Program, seniors spend a full day during the week in the community at different

locations such as the Boys and Girls club, retirement homes, local vineyards and churches to provide services for those in the community. The students work with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Students at Pacific University have the opportunity to make an appointment with one of the seniors during their clinicals hours for a reduced fee of 10 percent discount on top of the already discounted procedures.

No health insurance is required for these services. Students will need to make an appointment ahead of time and be placed on a wait list. Students will receive an appointment based on the needs of the

Dental Hygiene student’s clinicals.

Their clinicals in the fall are Monday, Wednesday during the day, and Tuesday and Thursday nights. In the spring semester, there are clinicals every day of the week, and Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Another requirement unique to the program is students take Spanish because of the high Latino population visiting their service locations.

If a student would like to make an appointment for a clinical at the end of the semester, they may not be able to get in until the spring semester begins due to scheduling conflicts.


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