TLC makes additions, aids students

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Director and Operator of the Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) Yashica Isand has responded to student needs and offered a new subject and afternoon hours.

Tutoring for Digital Media has been added to the list of tutoring subjects that include but are not limited to Chinese, biomechanics, general and organic chemistry and writing.

When asked about the new subject Island responded.

“There are a lot of faculty professors who are adding technology

to their curriculum,” said Island. “Students need help adding technology to their assignments.”

As thoughtful as this is, it was not the only deciding factor in bringing in the new subject.

There was already a way to receive help in technological integration through the Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation located in the Library.

However, the problem Island saw with this was “the tech staff are gone by five in the afternoon so no one’s here to help.”

Another improvement to the TLC is a new afternoon time aimed at increasing accessibility to commuting

“Last year there was a huge

commuter group and an increase in transfer students who always wanted afternoon tutoring.”

These students used to have to go home after their classes were over and then return to campus if they wanted to receive help.

This was not something most students were willing or able to do.

The previous operational hours from seven to ten in the evening are still in effect.

The new hours can be found on Island’s website which include hours on Sunday which are between two and four in the afternoon.

Island has singlehandedly implemented these changes and has high hopes for it.

“I want to see more people using the center,” Island. “I want to see more students during the day and afternoon. I really want people to know it’s available for people to use the space.”

When the Tutoring and Learning Center is not being used for tutoring, Island welcomes groups in need of a meeting location to reserve the space.

The TLC is ready and open for in Scott Hall, room 127 and to sign in and out before and after visiting.

The TLC is always open and welcomes all students in need of assistance.


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