Lecture focuses on race, politics in sports

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Two prominent researchers will be hosting talks about race and politics in sports at 4:30 p.m. Nov. 3.

Daniel Bursdey will present his talk, “’Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Words Will Never Hurt Me’? Racial Microaggressions and Racist Talk in Sport Cultures,” followed by Christine O’Bonsawain with “Showdown at Eagleridge Bluffs: The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, the Olympic Sustainability Smokescreen, and the Protection of Indigenous Lands.”

“They’re two cutting-edge international scholars working at the nexus of politics, race, ethnicity and

sports,” said Political Science Professor Jules Boykoff. “They’ll be offering vital insights on hot-button issues. Personally, I can’t wait.”

The researchers will present for 15 minutes on their subjects and then the audience will be invited to make comments and ask questions.

Bursdey is the principal lecturer at the University of Brighton, United Kingdom.

His research focuses on race, ethnicity and popular culture.

His studies are linked fundamentally by central themes of qualitative observational research on ethnicities as lived in public cultures, and emphasizes notions of social justice, sociological intervention and academic activism.

His books include “British Asians and Football: Culture, Identity and Exclusion;” Race, Ethnicity and

Football: Persisting Debates and Emergent Issues;” and “Coastal Cultures: Revisiting Liminality and Leisure, and Sport and South Asian Diasporas: Playing Through Time and Space.”

O’Bonsawin completed her Ph.D. at The University of Western Ontario in 2006 and joined the University of Victoria in 2007 as the director of the Indigenous Studies program and faculty member in the Department of History.

Her primary research areas include Indigenous sport history, Olympic history, Indigenous and sport policy.

O’Bonsawin’s recent publications focus on radicalizing ideologies and the appropriation of Indigenous cultures and symbolism within the Olympic movement.

The event will take place in Marsh 216.


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