Halloweekend: Changes to Halloween prove successfull

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Halloween at Pacific brought back a nostalgic feeling this fall. Starting with a scream-tastic haunted all and games in the spirit of Halloween, students were able to enjoy their night in a fun and safe way.

In previous years Pacific had a Hall-O-Safe event where the residence halls were opened to local trick-or-treaters.

It was decided that this event should no longer take place due to several factors.

Although the children of Forest Grove weren’t able to trick-or-treat with the pacific community, there were still safe places for the children to have a good time.

Katy Kilsdonk, Events and Activities Coordinator for the Residence Hall Association, RHA, Executive Board said, “the program wasn’t safe anymore. Last year alone, we had three children get away from their parents within the halls and go missing. Lucky enough, they were all found shortly but if they hadn’t been, then that would have been blamed on RHA, and that’s not something we, as an organization, are okay with going forward.”

Senior and RHA executive board member Rachel Moore believes that, “it wasn’t an easy decision to discontinue Hall-O-Safe, but when it came down to it, it was the best decision for the safety of the children.”

At the event, there was a haunted house on the third floor of Clark Hall.

Some of the rooms that were haunted hospital themed or decorated by Cascade RA’s.

There was also a room where an Ouija board made an appearance.

There was a photo booth, a ghost discussion about the history of Pacific and its haunted nature and a carnival with activities and games.

Many different clubs and organizations came together to help and make this event successful.

“My favorite part of the event was definitely the photo booth,” said freshman Cynthia Kealoha.

“Some of the groups participated in decorating, booths, tour guides for the Haunted Hall and door guards. These groups include ACE Board, North and South Side Hall Councils, Cascade RAs, Art Club, Anthropology/Sociology club, a Civic Engagement group and even groups of residents,” Kilsdonk explained.

ACE board provided “Halloween music,” zombie makeup, cookie decorating, pumpkin bowling, feely boxes, an altar to write messages to ‘loved ones past,’ and even an opportunity to make dog treats. By the end of the night roughly 150 students went through the haunted house and enjoyed the rest of the activities.

Students thought the Haunt the Hall event was successful and as freshman Denise Aquino said, “should definitely be done again next year.”


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