Hit the clothes hit the floor: Students protest body stereotypes

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Fashion shows hold stereotypes because of the industry that perpetuates a specific body type acceptable to be a model: tall and skinny. Yet, junior Tianna Hall strives to put a twist to the catwalk in an effort to improve the body image of women and men at Pacific University.

“It’s meant to find different ways to educate people about sexuality and body image,” said sociology major Hall.

For the sexual health multimedia course, Hall and her partners, sophomore Bijoux Doherty and juniors Lauren Tierney and Megan Winans, created the This is Our Rebellion: Let the Clothes Hit the Floor event. Male and female students will walk the runway showcasing their interpretation of lingerie: bra and panties, a button up shirt or a nightgown. The goal of the event is to help build people’s confidence in their bodies.

“Our models are encouraged to wear what makes them comfortable,” said Hall.

Hall and her group asked the models to bring in three or four examples of their outfits to choose from. Hall explained they didn’t want any outfits that exposed a person’s breasts or butt.

“We are trying to stress a safe space for people,” said Hall.

During their first meeting on Oct. 22, Hall said the event had 22 participants.

The event will start with Hall discussing her personal experiences with body image. The group will then explain the safe and supportive environment they have created at the event complete with counselors and security.

The models will walk down the runway and explain at the end “I rebel because…” with their answer as to what the event means to them.

“We want to models to show their bodies to say ‘I like who I am and this is who I want to be,’” said Hall. “We want everyone to feel totally accepted.”

After the show there will be a reception with beverages and snacks along with small gifts for people who attend.

Hall invites people who can show support for the models and those around them to attend the event.

“It is open for everyone,” said Hall. “If you ever feel like you don’t like your body, you should come.”

This is Our Rebellion will take place on Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. in the MPR.


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