Over, Under 21: Coffee shops by the day, bars by night

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Portland has an ever evolving food, beverage and entertainment scene. In this edition we will be discussing a total of four options at three businesses.

The first business is Pints located on 5th Street near both bus and Max stations.

This business is a coffee shop until noon, then the espresso machine is put away and taps are revealed. It becomes a pub until closing time.

Pints has indoor and outdoor seating during summertime. A large, garage stlye window is open and fresh air flows through.

Once you’ve entered and order a pint walk around the corner past the restrooms. Pints also has a restaurant. Visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Whether under 21 getting breakfast and a coffee over 21 enjoying delicious brew, this can be an interesting location to begin and end an adventure.

It is located near restaurants, bars, shops and a multitude of destinations. And the staff is knowledgeable, the architectures interesting and location is prime.

The second and third businesses are located on NW 21st. In the case of M Bar and Sterling Coffee Roasters they are two separate businesses sharing one location.

Sterling Coffee Roasters is not your typical Portland coffee shop. The experience is more of a high-end coffee house.

Your espresso comes with soda water. Servers have a deep knowledge of flavors and styles of the coffees offered.

The dark benches and hardwood bar have a European coffee purveyor vibe.

There are always multiple roasts that any espresso drink you choose can be made from.

The staff is dressed in high-end restaurant style, white shirts, black vests and ties.

Large windows are open during summertime with tables in front.

Permanent stone bench covered with a very effective propane heater are located just in front of the door.

You can sit outside in any weather sipping a delicious cup and watching the interesting street life of 21st Ave.

At 4p.m. sterling shuts down and at 6p.m. bars open for business until 2:30a.m. M bar has three rotating taps and multiple wine options.

The reason to visit the small intimate establishment is the conversation is always lively and interesting.


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