Fellowship has active presence on campus

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Continuing their journey of faith development with their Pacific Christian Fellowship family, PCF, Pacific University alumni are coming back to a place they like to call home.

PCF is a student and graduate leadership club that works on better understanding faith development throughout their college experiences.

Student President, Joleen Boyd, has been a part of PCF since her freshman year.

“I was looking for a group on campus to share my faith with and I found out about PCF through the fall club fair,” said Boyd.

As president, Boyd leads meetings and organizes events on campus. Alumni, a part of PCF, make up a staff team and guide Boyd and other PCF student leaders in meetings, events and through leadership. Both alumni and student leaders discuss the best possible approaches in living out their faith on campus and in the Forest Grove community.

“We are a really close, little family on campus,” said Boyd.

Faculty adviser, Mike Charles, feels privileged to be the adviser of PCF. Charles has been the PCF advisor for two years and enjoys seeing student’s knowledge grow in school and with their own faiths. Charles got the position after the previous faculty adviser retired.

“I was humbled and said I would love to do that.” Since PCF is a student leadership club, Charles said he participates and enjoys fellowship.

Every Wednesday night at 8 p.m., PCF hosts a live fellowship in the Multi-Purpose Room.

During these fellowships, there is music and teaching by both the alumni and Pastor Dave Miller. Recently, PCF has started a worship night dedicated to just singing music.

“Our first worship night went really well,” said Boyd. “We are planning to have more this school year.”

PCF also has small groups that meet weekly for men and women.

“While we haven’t made a men’s group this year, previously we would focus more on the issues of faith more than studying a book,” said Charles.

The men’s group would meet every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on the second floor pool table in Burlingham. During these meetings, the men would play pool and have discussions on topics picked by the student leaders and alumni.

Women have two separate groups. Lead by the alumni, the first group meets every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. at Burlingham, room 104.

The first women’s group is more structured than the second with a focus on scripture.

The second women’s group meets every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in the University Center lounge area. In this group, women discuss a different topic chosen weekly by student leaders and alumni.

Boyd hopes to get in touch with other fellowship groups like the Fellowship Christian Athlete Club on campus this year to collaborate with the possibility of having one big fellowship together.

She also hopes to get more students involved.

“PCF is open to everyone, whether you grew up with Christian faith or just have questions about faith,” said Boyd.


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