Over, Under 21: Caffes, bars for all

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This edition’s locations are closer to Pacific exploring two options right down the block.

Many students and visitors never go past Pizza Schmizza, but  just a half block away is Caffé Montecassino.

This intimate, Portland-style coffee shop has a unique and interesting charm.

The décor is eclectic; seating ranges from high benches around table to cushy chairs and couches.

There are often local artists on display around the walls. Merchandise from local musicians, artisans and authors are for sale in the corner.

Caffé Montecassino doesn’t just serve coffee. They can also make sandwiches, salads, pastries and other food options. They have a gelato counter and will even make your espresso with gelato in it.

This is an excellent place to meet and talk with friends or to study. There is a music player that will allow you to play vinyl records, or you can listen to the radio.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the owner is a member of the local community. There is a system where customers can come in and pay in advance, getting a tab.

This is very convenient for people on a budget; put $20 to $40 on a tab and you can drop in and have coffee all month long.

If contacted by students during finals, the owner said that she would be willing to keep the shop open after hours as long as she could pay her staff.

The over 21 option, The King’s Head, is on the other end of the block from Schmizza.

The King’s Head is an English-style pub occupying two floors and multiple rooms.

Owned and operated by two Englishmen, this establishment is very friendly to students.

The owners are even willing to give coffee to students who wish to study.

There is a tasty selection of English pub style food.

The beer prices are based on Imperial pint 20 ounces. They have multiple taps and an excellent wine selection.

Don’t let the slender bar trick you. There are multiple places to sit and enjoy your beverages including a glass enclosed dart room with multiple boards.

There is a room in what used to be a vault where beverages can be consumed.

This pub is to be explored as much as visited.

The owner-bartenders provide excellent banter and a comfortable atmosphere where patrons can feel free to be boisterous, jovial and comfortable.

There are other establishments to discover within Forest Grove, but these two businesses are an excellent place to start.


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