Elise Elliot Trust: Fund sponsors cultural, global research grants

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For the globetrotters on campus searching for help with their next journey abroad, the Elliot Trust is one way to help finance student adventures. The Elliot Trust is a trust fund set up by Elise Elliot who gave a San Francisco foundation more than $5 million to help Pacific University.

This trust is a series of three different funds including Academic Initiatives Fund; International Travel Scholarships and Intercultural Research Fund; and the Arts Initiative Fund.

The International Travel Scholarships and Intercultural Research is available for students to apply for two times during the school year. In the fall term the deadline to apply is typically early October, whereas in the spring term the deadline will be around early March.

The Request for Proposals, or RFP’s, are sent out faculty members by email.

“It goes first from the teachers to the students in order to ensure a mentoring connection,” said Director of Arts and Humanities Dave DeMoss.

The fund is available for undergraduate liberal arts student scholarships and faculty members. For faculty the fund gives them the opportunity to widen student’s cultural perspective by granting funds for intercultural travel involving study and research as well as creative activities.

“The purpose of the fund is to offset the costs for students who want to do research, study and travel internationally,” DeMoss said, “The project doesn’t have to be travel it can be intercultural.”

The RFP’s that students submit are proposals explaining what they plan to do with the funds as well as all of the background information as to what they are going to be doing and how it fits in line with the goals of the Elise Elliot Trust to promote international travel and intercultural research.

Ask your professors about the Elise Elliot Trust or contact Dave DeMoss at demossdj@ pacificu.edu.


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