Student offers free high school portraits

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Getting ready for finals, going to swim practice and working on her senior project are not the only things on Senior Stacie Struble’s to-do list before winter break. In an effort to help local high school students save money, Struble offered to take up to eight senior portraits for free.

Having six years of photography experience that started in high school, Struble took her first photography class when she started at Pacific.

“We didn’t have a photography class offered at my high school,” said Struble. “After purchasing my Canon, I taught myself how to use it.”

For practice, she did senior portraits of her friends.

Her interest for photography soon escalated into a tiny business with the help of Facebook posts and word of mouth throughout Albany, her hometown.

“My photography business had a slow start in high school, but once I got to Pacific the ball just started rolling,” said Struble.

From senior portraits, family portraits and weddings to portraits of dogs, Struble said she has pretty much

done it all.
Struble does get

paid for majority of the photo shoots, but she said it is not about the money.

Struble’s passion for photography comes from the happiness and satisfaction people get after seeing the final pictures she produces. Struble likes to take pictures

of people.

“People don’t usually see themselves in the light,” said Struble. “It is a really cool feeling to portray them in that kind of way.”

People have contacted Struble about her free offer for high school senior portraits from Forest Grove, Gaston and Cornelius. Her openings are quickly filling up.

Each of those eight students will have an hour-long photo shoot with a place either he or she chooses or Struble chooses.

After the photo shoot, Struble will go through the photos, edit them and send them back to the students.

Struble has been a part of Voyages for the past three years and was the photographer this year. Her pictures have been on some of the Voyages poster on campus.

‘It is a really cool feeling to see some of my pictures pop up around campus,” said Struble. “I’m like, ‘Oh hey. I took that.’”

Planning ahead, Struble plans to do a wedding event next summer for a high school friend.

Struble has a Facebook page where she consistently posts pictures and is currently in the process of building an online portfolio.


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