Travel Scholarships: Senate offers help abroad

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Taking a travel course or studying abroad can be costly. Airfare alone is enough to keep students from venturing to other countries.

Yet, for Pacific students there is help. Student Senate is offering a way to ease some of those costs.

Bi-annually, Student Senate has scholarships available for students in need of extra assistance with their upcoming trips.

This semester, Student Senate is offering up to seven scholarships, each for $1,000 dollars, to go toward spring and summer travel courses.

Applications were released at the end of January. The applications are due Thursday, Feb. 19 at noon. The interview process will be held Feb. 23 to Feb. 27. During the interview process, a panel of students on the Student Senate Communications Committee will be speaking to the applicant. They will decide who will receive one of the scholarships.

Students’ financial need will be taken into consideration and the interview process is another way for students to be able to state why they deserve to receive the scholarship.

Applicants will also be asked to write a short essay and answer a few get-to- know-you questions.

In order to have a chance at earning of the scholarships, all students have to do is pick up a an application.

Applications are located outside of the Student Senate Office located on the first floor of the UC or online on the Student Senate Facebook page and the Pacific University website.

“All you need to do is fill out an application, write two short essays and then return it to the Student Senate Office,” said Vice President of Communication Svea Larson. “The scholarship committee will then hold interviews and select the best candidate.”

For students who are planning a trip this spring or summer, this is a great opportunity to help make travel dreams a reality.

For more information contact Svea Larson through email or stopping by the Student Senate Office.


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