Over, Under 21: Restaurant, brewery showcase unique amenities

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Forest Grove is a trove for hidden treasures

for students. Interesting and quirky establishments

are close to the campus. A short distance that can be

measured in yards. Down 22nd Street half a block past

the Abbott Center is the 22nd Street Station Café.

This restaurant has been there since the 40s. The

current owner, Cynthia Smith, has been involved with

the establishments since 1970.

Smith is currently the owner of the café she’s

outgoing and friendly. She expresses a genuine like of

Pacific students.

The atmosphere is a mix of East

Coast coffeehouse and Portland styled

eclectic eatery.

The cafe is decorated with a train

with a track that runs around the ceiling

of the restaurant. The cafe also displays

model airplanes.

The menu is mostly a standard

breakfast and lunch affair with some

local cuisine quirks and interesting


This restaurant has an old time feel

including the fact that it’s cash only no

card readers no ATM.

The declaration and furnishing style

is what brings an interesting ambience.

The tables and chairs come from different

eras in time.

The walls are covered with a mix

of photographs, posters, inspirational

papers, and signs. From the ceiling hangs

large scale model airplane. Patrons could

spend a great deal of time just discussing

that the core.

Whether taking a break in a different location

to study, have some coffee or enjoying a meal with

friends having a conversation this hidden gem is

worth a visit.

If you are hungry for some classic breakfast food,

walk past the tennis courts and 1,000 yards down 22nd

Street at 7940 NW Kansas City Rd. to visit the past and

present of friendly eateries.

The over 21 option, on the other hand, is brand

new. In fact it is opening later this month. It is located

where the Pacific motor pool used to reside.

A local apple orchard that started hard cider

production at the farm four years ago moved their

production facility and tasting room to the old Pacific


Bull Run Cider has been in local stores and for

a limited time the new tasting room will offer all of

the siders on tap plus a selection of craft beers. But

the core is similar to tasting rooms for cider houses

in Portland. The vats of cider in the background,

a hardwood bar and interesting tables and chairs

complete the industrial setting.

Their ciders bare names such as Powerhouse

Dry, Gravenstein Single Varietal, Bramble Berry Dry,

Creekside Cranberry Perry and Pear Ice Wine.

This combination of modern repurposed

buildings and old-school speakeasy should be

interesting for students of age to go visit.

Even a short walk off campus in Forest Grove

provides opportunities for interesting and different



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