New Art Club brings activities, shows, auction and opportunities to students

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The Art Club is hitting the ground running since it became official in October. The club debuted with the pumpkin sculpting this past fall, they are having a Student Art Sale in April and they are working on bringing various workshops on to campus for all students to enjoy for the future.

“This is the first semester where things are really sort of happening,” said Emily Miller. “We are really thinking what do we want to do, what do we want to get out of it and what do we want to give to Pacific.”

One student, sophomore Zara Baldwin, was shocked when she arrived two years ago to find out that Pacific didn’t have an Art Club on campus.

One of the main goals of Art Club is to not only raise awareness of the arts on campus, but to give students the opportunity to get involved in art in ways that the available courses don’t offer.

“We are really open to finding out what students on campus want to do with art,” Miller said. “I am meeting a lot of students who love to do art and can’t take a class because there is no time in their schedule or the class they want isn’t offered.”

One of the unique opportunities that the Art Club is offering to all students is the ability to participate in various workshops which provide students a chance to try a different medium of art that there aren’t designated courses for.

A few of the possible upcoming workshops include watercolor, airbrush, stone carving or even blacksmithing. Two that they have done recently have been 3D printing and bone-carving workshops.

“If there is something that they want to do, we have a lot of resources on campus that I feel aren’t being fully utilized,” Miller said. “A lot of our instructors know how to do a lot of things that they aren’t teaching right now and we actually have a lot of talented students on campus that could teach something or other.”

While the club and its members are working to provide small opportunities, they are also working on a bigger project; the Student Art Sale which will happen April 17 in the Milky Way.

The sale will provide students the ability to show and sell some of their work to the Pacific community and the Forest Grove community.

At the sale there will be a raffle in which someone can win a piece that one of the art professors have created and donated to the sale.

Not only will the art sale be profitable, but it will be a good way for students to get their art seen.

“If you don’t want to show your work you can sell it and I think it is a really great way to get art students involved on the campus and have their work be shown,” Baldwin said. “This campus is pretty science oriented and there’s not a lot of focus on the very small art department.”

Trying to have more presence on campus is one of Art Club’s primary goals.

“We are excited to do it because we want to be more visible on campus,” Baldwin said. “I wanted to make it a goal of mine to make art students more visible and more important on campus”

Whether you are an art major or if you just like to draw or paint in your free time, all students are welcome to stop by the Art Club’s meetings which are held Mondays at 6 p.m. in Brown Hall, room 216.


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