Outdoor Pursuits brings scavenger hunt to campus

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Outdoor Pursuits will be hosting a spring scavenger hunt to promote their trips and give students an opportunity to experience one of them free of charge.

Starting April 7, every Tuesday in April a Nalgene water bottle with the Outdoor Pursuits logo printed on it will be hidden around campus.

The lucky students to uncover each item will win a coupon for a free trip with a friend for the upcoming weekend.

“We hope that people will get excited to be involved in this amazing program that Pacific University has to offer,” said sophomore Rachel Fiegenbaum, who is the event leader.

“Students have the opportunity to get out and explore the nature around us for such a low price.”

Clues will be posted on the Outdoor Pursuits Facebook throughout the day, so students are encouraged to consistently check for updates about the scavenger hunt by visiting Outdoor Pursuits on Facebook.

Once a water bottle is found, students will need to post a picture to the Facebook page of themselves with their prize.

They are then required to come into their office, located in the Milky Way by Maggies Buns, or to call at 503-352-2264 to sign up for a trip.

The scavenger hunt will be the first ever hosted, and sophomore Bryce Fowler who is helping organize and promote the activity, hopes the event will encourage students to participate in more outdoor activities.

“A lot of people don’t know very much about Outdoor Pursuits,” Fowler said. “[They’re] missing out on some really good deals that you just can’t find with other organizations that aren’t non- profit.”

Fiegenbaum hopes the event will boost student interest and benefit the entire program.

“I want to make sure that our event gets out there and students are excited about what is being offered to them,” Figenbaum said.


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