Over, Under 21: Pool, burger shack fun for large groups

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Forest Grove has a variety of restaurants ranging from coffee to bars,

Thai to burgers and pizza to gourmet. While many of the restaurants are fun to go to on a date or with a friend, there are places that can be even better with a group of people.

The over 21 option is just across the street from Carnegie Hall and is

located next to the Forest Gove Theater. When you walk inside the door of Ballad Town Billiards you will see an average size bar where friendly bartenders serve mixed drinks beer and wine. They have an excellent Bloody Mary.

At the end of the bar a great space opens before you filled with pool tables, dartboards, foosball tables and a gathering area with tables in the back.

On occasion Billiards will have live music perform for the players and visitors.

Billiards also hosts pool tournaments that Pacific students can register for and compete in against the locals.

Billiards has an interesting music selection system where you put money in the machine like a jukebox.

While you have a selection of songs to choose from, you can also select your songs from your own playlist on your smart phone or iPhone.

Seats and small tables encircle the old-school pool tables.

In order to play you have to go get the cue, balls and pool stick from the front and it’s pay per hour of play.

There are also coin-operated tables, dartboards and a small pool paraphernalia shop.

They serve typical bar food and have lottery options.

There are many regulars that frequent the pool tables and while you can come play by yourself or with a partner, it is also fun to bring a group.

Pool, darts and foosball are best enjoyed with groups of friends, so grab your gang and check them out.

For those of you who are too young for a bar, you can trade a beer for an excellent shake at Scottie’s drive-in.

Scottie’s has malt shakes and regular shakes in a wide variety of flavors ranging from vanilla to a hot caramel milkshake that is to die for.

The shakes aren’t the only good food item, there are plenty of food options, the main being the burgers. If burgers aren’t your food there are hot dogs, fish and chips, salads and garden burgers.

It is a 10 to 15 minute walk from campus, which is why this is another place that would be best enjoyed with a friend or a group of friends.

The food is excellent. Milkshakes are divine.

Whether you sit inside or outside, it’s easy to imagine a skating waitress with a tray of burgers arriving at the vehicles parked outside.

With hubcaps and 50s style car photos on the walls, Scottie’s is one of the last surviving drive-ins.

The reason for its survival is partly due to the friendly and warm feel, but also to the excellent food and good deals.

The atmosphere is family-friendly and groups of all ages and mixes come to enjoy the ice cream and other foods.

For the readers who have a car. It is an easy drive with a decent amount of parking.

Another place to gather friends talk about classes or anything that takes your mind off of school life, just take a walk down and enjoy an afternoon with a burger and a shake.


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