Over, Under 21: Connie’s Cafe, Waltz Brewery offer vintage fun

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This edition, like last edition, offers a combination of Forest Grove locations.

The under 21 option in town is nothing new, but the over 21 option is less than one year old. Both establishments bring an important style of quirkiness to the Forest Grove community.

Connie’s Corner Cafe serves traditional American-style food as well as ice cream, six days a week. This popular eating spot is located on the corner of Pacific Avenue and Main Street.

The general look is a classic 50s diner completed with a counter and brightly colored booths. The walls are decorated with a mix of kitschy American artwork.

After enjoying a meal, people are able to shop at the thrift store that is attached to the restaurant.

Connie’s also offers a 10 percent discount to Pacific University students. The inviting atmosphere goes perfectly with the friendly and outgoing owners.

This is a great place to have a bite to eat with friends or to enjoy a shake while working with a study group.

Connie’s is a short walk from campus and offers an interesting atmosphere for students who want to explore and experience he 1950’s vibe.

As for the over 21 option, Waltz Brewing has a lot of things going for it.

The building has a unique style with the garage door that can be opened during nice weather. Various furnishings separate different areas of the brewery.

The dishwashing area is divided from the seating area by a rack of vinyl records people can buy.

In the main seating area there is a stained-glass window, which is switched out from time to time to allow different stained-glass artists to showcase their work.

The artworks on the walls are also for sale and switched out monthly.

This brewing company’s customers are an interesting mix of college-aged students and older people.

An intriguing addition is the customer chalkboard.

As soon as a customer enters the door there is a chalkboard with the latest barrels written on it.

currently available, they can fill out a request form for it.

The owners will then try and locate the beer. If found, the person will be informed via email that their favorite brew is available.

Although there is no kitchen, food can be brought in from other restaurants.

The owners oftentimes try to bring in life from the outside with music and bingo games that can be pushed around on cards and played at different tables.

Waltz operates Tuesday through Saturday and opens late afternoon.

Though this establishment would be right at home in Northwest Portland, it doesn’t feel out of place in Forest Grove.

People are also able to visit their Facebook page to uncover future activities that will be held.

Small towns are an ever-changing atmosphere for restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

To get a little experience of what the Forest Grove service industry offers, a wise person would visit these unique businesses as soon and as often as possible.


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