Board Game Club is back

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The Pacific University Board Game Club is new to campus but it is making a big impression. A few students may have walked in on their meetings which take place on Sundays in the Boxer Pause in the University Center. It showed up at the beginning of spring semester as an official club but the idea was not entirely new. The Board Game Club was first thought up last year by someone else.

“It was really fun,” said sophomore Lewis Williams, but it didn’t last for very long.

The first Board Game Club was around for about a semester before it disappeared. The problem was that it was an unofficial club. Unofficial clubs naturally do not receive financial support from the University.

Co-founders Williams and junior Jeremy Likens liked the unofficial club too much to let it die completely.

Together they worked to make it official with Likens handling the paperwork and supplying most of the board games while Williams provides support.

Due to scheduling conflicts the club may move their meeting times from noon to eight on Sundays to a time that best suites students.

“It will change next semester depending on our schedule availability because Sunday has not been the best day to get students to stay inside,” said Williams.

Although sunny days don’t encourage indoor activities, board games can be played anywhere and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Williams and Likens are working to keep the Board Game an active club on campus with plenty to offer to the students.


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