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This was the first clue to start off the spring scavenger hunt that was posted to Pacific University’s Outdoor Pursuits Facebook page on Tuesday April 7 at 11:22 a.m. Both the water bottles were found later that day, but only one person from the first two sets of winners claimed their prize so far.

Freshman Sienna Ballou was Outdoor Pursuit’s first winner and has decided to use her free trip to sign up for the surfing excursion on May 3. The water bottles were hidden on the UC patio in the planters.

“I thought it would be in the kayak and right when I was giving up it caught my eye,” Ballou recalls.

This won’t be the first trip she has done. As a freshman she participated in the backpacking voyage and has been going on various rock climbing trips, but surfing will be something entirely knew.

“I’m excited and nervous,” Ballou said. “I just wanted to try something new and I’ve heard cool experiences about surfing. Plus the trips are a good way to bond with people who are involved.”

Along with Ballou two more winners discovered the water bottles hidden in the trees across from Marsh Hall next to the spirit bench after the second clue was posted in the morning on April 14.

Sophomores Kjersti Chippindale, one of the second round of winners is excited to attend the sea kayaking trip on May 2.

“I saw the Facebook post right after I woke up and I was still in my pajamas with sleepy sand in my eyes, but I felt like I knew exactly where it was since there was a clue and I was literally so excited about trying to find that water bottle that I rolled out of bed and put clothes on for that,” Chippindale said. “I’m most looking forward to getting back out into nature and you get to bring a friend too!”

So far the benefits are high for both the winners and Outdoor Pursuits.

“A potential problem is that there is really no way for us to know if people are looking for the water bottles and paying attention to our clues,” Senior Rebecca Klassy, Outdoor Pursuit’s Marketing Coordinator said.

Aside from possible challenges, Outdoor Pursuits hopes to continue this scavenger hunt next year if things continue to run smoothly throughout the month of April.


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