New Campus Wellness project works toward positive body image

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What’s more important, being thin or being healthy? Campus Wellness is giving Pacific University students a chance to answer this question with The Body Project.

The Body Project is a research-based program that will focus on helping young women feel better about their bodies and improve female body image on campus as a whole.

“We just need to acknowledge that we live in a world where 91% of women feel some level of dissatisfaction with their bodies, often because of the way that the media culturally influences that,” Campus Wellness Coordinator Kathleen Converse said.

Campus Wellness is asking for any female Pacific students to participate. They hope this program will be the start to improving self-esteem, decreasing the risk of eating disorders, and taking away the fear of social judgement

The Body Project will also be used for an even bigger research project to see if workshops such as this one will be successful in increasing body positivity.

The results will be used for a Public Health students dissertation.

“We’re really trying to break down the difference between the thin ideal and the healthy ideal,” Converse said. “We can determine what is healthy for your body, and let healthy be beautiful, and I would like this to be the start of a much larger conversation.”

Anyone interested in participating should be sure to contact Converse by Oct. 6.

The project consists of four one-hour sessions, the first session starting Oct. 27.


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