Family weekend: Families gather for festivities

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With the end of October rapidly approaching, Family Weekend and all of its festivities are coming with it. From Friday Oct. 23 until Sunday Oct. 25, students and their families are welcome to register and join in on the fun of Family Weekend.

Registration opened at 5 p.m. Sept. 29, and after a day and a half, 79 people already registered.

Pacific Information Center Director  Denise Giesbers and Assistant Director Angie Surratt, are expecting a big turnout. Without a doubt in her mind, Giesbers wants to make sure all students feel welcome to come even if they do not have a family member coming.

Sophomore Wyatt Moore will not be registering because his family cannot make it. However, he hopes that everyone enjoys their weekend.

“I miss my family dearly,” Moore said. “Everyone should enjoy the time with theirs.”

Throughout the weekend, there will be several sports games: football, volleyball and men and women’s soccer matches.

This covers many different fields for big sports fans.

There will also be many activities that do not include sports.

There will be lei making as well as a brick oven that will be used to make bread and local jams. The tradition of casino night will be returning to campus as well.

Sophomore Dylan Wright said he enjoys family weekend for the “free food my mom buys me when she visits, also the gifts she brings for my birthday which is right before that weekend.” He is also looking forward to casino night and pumpkin carving.

On the other hand, Robert Kassardjian, a sophomore with no family coming up said he “would like to register to get out and make a nice social outing to meet some new people.”

Junior Josh Kiethly cannot wait for Family Weekend not only because of the exciting sporting activities but also because “the entire Pacific student body is my family.”

If students are interested in registering for this exciting weekend, visit the Family Weekend website located on the Pacific University homepage.


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