Kappa Sigma builds presence on campus

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Pacific University’s first national fraternity chapter, Kappa Sigma, was established on April 7, 2014. With help from founding members, senior James Ramos, senior Ryan Beck and other current seniors, the nationally recognized frat was able to come to life.

President of Kappa Sigma, James Ramos, said he founded the chapter so the men of Pacific could have a safe and fun place to come together as a community of brothers away from the cliquey nature of sport and social groups.

Kappa Sigma is the largest social fraternity with hundreds of chapters spread throughout the United States.

Ramos admits there have been “ups and downs” for the fraternity in the past couple of years. There have been several pledges coming and going, more recently the decision by the Greek Senate to hold off all pledging until spring.

Ramos said the Greek Senate’s decision was “at first somewhat frustrating, but now allows for us as a Greek Society to focus on doing pledging the right way.”

Ramos said Kappa Sigma has never hazed at Pacific and has no intention of starting anytime soon as it is an “all pledge” and all inclusive fraternity.

Ramos and Kappa Sigma have big plans and goals for the upcoming school year. Kappa Sigma hopes to build more of a presence on campus and in the community. They have started to do so by reaching out to local businesses and preforming community service in the Forest Grove area.

Kappa Sigma also wants to build better relationships with other fraternities and sororities on campus. “We have been working towards bettering relations with chapters we think we can be friends with and currently are in good standings with Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi Lambda Omicron and Gamma Sigma,” Ramos said.

Kappa Sigma will most likely be putting on some type of philanthropy on campus in the near future and will be holding some social events throughout the years.

Ramos’s dream for the fraternity this year is to “get chartered and leave behind a well-established chapter.”


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