‘Intruder’ performance draws crowd

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On Monday, Oct. 27 and Tuesday, Oct. 28 the Black Box Theater presented a particularly spooky play for Halloween titled “The Intruder.”

Lunchbox Theater returned with a cast of eight students and was lead by the director, sophomore Malachi Skjeie.

The symbolic style murder mystery play surprised senior Celine Yip with a full house.

“It was really great,” said Yip. “I was shocked. It’s not that I expected very few people to show up but I didn’t expect such a large crowd. I was shocked in a positive way.”

As a participant in the play, Yip was excited to be able to develop her character’s background and connections to the other characters.

“I think the best experience I had was when we got to develop our characters a bit,” said Yip. “There was a bit of time we had where we got to develop our character’s background, thinking about which character cares more for certain family members than others and it was fun.”

Written in the late 19th century, this play is unusual in comparison to today’s contemporary pieces.

Having studied this play in the spring of last semester, Skjeie was surprised to be asked to direct the play the following semester.

“I actually studied this play in Script Analysis last term, never knowing that pretty soon I was going to be directing the show,” said Skjeie.

Attendees of the show were able to participate in the show in a way that hasn’t happened before.

“We are going to have a section where the entire stage and the room is entirely black; where audience and the actors will not be able to see what’s happening,” said Skjeie. “I think it is a cool effect that they are not going to be expecting.”

Another aspect of this spooky play is a twist for audience members where the theme and general feel that the play has, one that makes the audience slightly uncomfortable.

“I think the biggest feeling that this play is going to evoke is a slight unease,” said Yip. “You know something is wrong but it’s never clearly explained what is wrong. There is one character that is very paranoid throughout the whole play and the rest of the characters are kind of in this denial where they think ‘no, nothing is wrong.’”

This play not only gave the audience a new experience, but according to Yip the style of the director allowed its actors the ability to put themselves into their characters and really bring down the house.


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