Katherine Cawein Gallery showcases ‘Balkan Blues’

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The newest installment of art in the Katherine Cawein Gallery in Scott Hall throughout the month of October is Macedonian photographer Dzenat Drekovic’s “Balkan Blues.”

The “Balkan Blues” is a collaboration between the Music Department and Art Department, which creates a rich cultural and educational project. The featured artist Dzenat Drekovic currently lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and his exhibition at Pacific University is his first appearance in the United States.

Dreković’s artwork has been exhibited in art galleries throughout Europe and his images of the lives of people from the Balkans, including Romani Gypsies, are what he mainly focuses on. For the quality and uniqueness of his work, Dreković has won numerous prizes.

Professor Dijana Ihas of the Music Department is responsible for bringing this artist to Pacific’s campus.

“The cultural part of this project consists of a photography exhibition of 25 black and white photos that depict lives of various people from the Balkan region, including Roma people,” Ihas said.

The educational portion of this project will be achieved through a series of lectures given by Drekovic.

He will touch upon topics such as artistic processes and current migration in Europe.

Drekovic’s exhibition will conclude with “Balkan Blues: An Evening of Photography and Music.” It will take place Monday Nov. 2 at 7 p.m at McCready Hall. In addition to photography, an ethnomusicology group that specializes in Balkan music called Slavej will perform.

The group consists of two professors from the University of Oregon and one member from Seattle.

Drekovic will project his artwork and also discuss his work.

Then Slavej will present and play a special type of traditional music from Bosnia and Herzegovina called sevdalinka, known as “Bosnian Blues.”

This event is free for students and faculty.


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