CCE offers travel service classes

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As the semester winds down and stress levels ramp up, the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) is offering students multiple chances to be able to not only get off of the Forest Grove campus but even out of Oregon and the main land.

If students are looking for a not-your-average class, CCE is offering a travel class for the 2016 spring semester travelling to Hawaii to provide service and enjoy the scenery.

“We are going to be working for various organizations and we are going to do some invasive species removal and we are going to go on a hike to see some of the native plants and learn about the landscape organization that centralizes in a watershed alliance,” said senior Kelsi Gammon.

Among the opportunities to give back to the community is a trip to a local taro farm that is working on raising awareness of living in a sustainable environment.

Hawaii relies heavily on imported goods and services and this farm is working to try and make Hawaii a more sustainable state.

“Of course we are also going to have time to go to the beach and go see museums, we don’t want to take students to Hawaii and say no you can’t go to the beach, you have to work the whole time,” said Gammon. “But we are also hoping that it will be a really great way to bridge the gap that a lot of students feel on campus between students from the mainland and students from Hawaii.”

According to Gammon, CCE is hoping that this event will help students give back to the communities they call home and to give students an opportunity to experience a new culture.

“It is really about more than just the service projects that we are doing there, it is also about making these connections and strengthening the university community,” said Gammon.

The deadline to be able to apply for this class close on Friday, Nov. 13 and all applications should be emailed to CCE at cce@pacificu. edu. Due to a large amount of applications, there will be interviews held for the class.


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