Philosophy Club members want to establish more presence on campus, increase involvement

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Philosophy Club has been trying hard to make themselves more well- known on campus. And this year, they are doing just that/Philosophy Club will be bringing in two guest lecturers to campus next month.

Natalie Cisneros, philosopher and professor at Seattle University, will be coming to Pacific Dec. 4 to share her views on race, sexuality, gender and an array of other topics.

Members of Philosophy Club hop that having lectures like this will allow both students and community members to be more aware of these subject matters on campus.

“Philosophy Club has been around for some time. It has fair standing at the school and I want to take it further this year,” Philosophy Club president senior Kenny Pyne said. “I want to engage it more with the community. I feel that having that kind of club is really important to this kind of school, a liberal arts environment, being able to talk about philosophical discussion that’s on your mind.”

The Philosophy Club is also having plans to have other guest lecturers attend campus during spring semester.

However, because the club executive board is still stages for additional events, they choose not to disclose the name of the other guest lecturers yet.

“(He) is from Toronto and more like continental philosophy driven,” Pyne said. “He’s more into ancient philosophy and early modern kind of stuff. I think people will respond to that. Then again, this is very early on, so I don’t want to say too much.”

Philosophy Club is open for holding more events like these lecturers for the Forest Grove community. They have spent the last few years working to have a bigger impact with Pacific students. For example, last year they worked with the Philosophy Department to do an undergraduate conference hosted by Dave Boersma.

“The conference is something (the department) does every year,” Pyne said. “We help out, we volunteer for it and help organize the event.”

Any students who want to be involved and have their goals understood are welcome to join.

“I think people have strange ideas about philosophers, that we’re all just a bunch of strange people that just sit around and talk about ‘what is the meaning of life’ and never really come up with an answer,” secretary sophomore Sierra Barnes said. “So I hope that by doing this, people will realize that we’re real people , we talk about real things and we get results.”

Along with Barnes, Pyne holds the same dedication to the club.

“What motivates me is making it more well-known and to be honest, it’s not a ton of work,” Pyne said. “It’s a pretty low-maintenance club. We meet once a week, have an hour long discussion, so the level of motivation, is just any admiration I have for philosophy. If people are interested, then I’ll keep on doing it.”

Members welcome anyone interested in joining the Philosophy Club. Their meetings are every Tuesday at 3 p.m. in Trombley Square.


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