Students stay back for Thanksgiving holiday

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A moment students look forward to fall semester is when they are able to visit home and see their family. But what about those who stay on campus for Thanksgiving? With airline tickets being so expensive, the decision to travel home is not an option for some.

The average airline ticket to Hawaii is around $449, so choosing to travel to Hawaii from Portland right before winter break, is a budget stretcher for many.

Sophomore Jensen Kim plans to stay on campus again this year.

“Being from Hawaii, going home for the short Thanksgiving break is very inconvenient and expensive,” Kim said.

Although that price is the ninth cheapest ticket in the United States, it is still an expensive flightTo combat this, Na Haumana O Hawai’i (NHOH) hosts a Thanksgiving feast for all of their members who are unable to fly home.

Junior and senior members of NHOH work together to cook the turkey or prepare a specified main dish in the Aramark Kitchen, while freshmen and sophomore members provide the desserts and pupus.

While NHOH provides all of the food, Aramark employess supervise the area to make sure that everyone is safe. Their services range from food preparation to the opening and closing of the facility.

While this event is exclusive for NHOH members and their guests, other students have to spend their Thanksgiving on campus as well.

Sophomore Dallas Chung remembers campus feeling like a “ghost town” during Thanksgiving.

“The food was just like any other brunch type of food that the UC serves on the weekend,” Chung said, adding that the weekend would be better if events were advertised more.

The school welcomes students to stay on campus if needed and they are excited to put out food for them as well.


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