Zumba offers fitness alternatives

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When most people think of cardio, they always imagine ellipticals, bikes and hours on the treadmill.

However, what most tend to not consider is dance.

The Intramurals department is trying to change that by including Zumba.

This blend of dance and aerobics became available at Pacific University last year, when the first instructor was a student at the time.

When the Director of Intramurals and Recreation Angela Moberg started this summer, she was determined to keep Zumba alive.

“When I came on this year, I knew it was popular, and I want to keep it going this year,” Moberg said.

The Zumba classes run every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Milk Way. These classes have been on a consistent schedule for the fall semester since Sept. 29.

Even though they need to share the space with Outdoor Pursuits and other organizations in the Milky Way, the turnout for the Zumba classes have been strong. Moberg states that the average class sizes range from ten to 20 participants.

“We’ve had up to 25, and have had some quieter nights too, but 10 to twenty is the average,” Moberg said.

Moberg, along with the rest of the Intramurals and Recreation team, hope that making classes like this available to both Pacific and Forest Grove will encourage people to be more active.

“That’s kind of what Intramurals’ goal is,” Moberg said. “Maybe it’s not the traditional sports you think of, but just another chance to be active and meet people,and get out either outside or at least outside of your dorm, and doing an activity that’s not in a competitive atmosphere.”

The last day of Zumba for the fall semester will be the week after Thanksgiving break. Students could use the Zumba classes as a great opportunity for a break in between studying for finals.

If anyone has any other ideas on what to include in Intramurals and Recreations, they should feel free to discuss it with them.

“[We’re] definitely open to suggestions in other things,” Moburg said. “We’re always open to any opportunities.”


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