Love your body week introduces undie run

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The Center for Gender Equity, CGE, is spreading a new kind of love during the Valentine’s Day season with the annual Love Your Body Week. From Feb. 22 until Feb. 26, the members of CGE will be doing different tabling events each day to celebrate body positivity and sexual wellness on campus, with help from Wellness Coordinator Kathleen Converse.

“We just try to get people to realize that everyone is different and there’s always something that you can love about yourself,” project coordinator and junior Hannah Salmons said.

Salmons said Love Your Body week will start off with Masturbation Monday, where a drawing will be held for students to receive various Masturbation Baskets. Students can earn tickets for the drawing by participating in the events offered during each tabling.

The days will be followed by the traditional Titty Tuesday and Weiner Wednesday, with different activities to celebrate both the male and female bodies.

Thursday will be the day for discussion on sexual health and getting regularly tested, where CGE will be providing local resources and information.

By Thursday night, CGE will be contacting the winners of the drawing, and have the Masturbation baskets to pick up.

The week will conclude with Free Yourself Friday, where CGE will host the first Pacific Underwear Run. Participants will jog or walk a circular path throughout campus in their underwear to promote self-love.

“There were a lot of worries on how to make it something that would be a safer environment, and we went through and really had to work hard to make sure that it’s as safe as we could make it.” Salmons said.

Salmons said students should make sure to stop by the UC to share the body love with CGE.


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