Philosophy club hosts guest lecturer

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The Philosophy Club is hoping to incorporate themes of social justice into their events for this semester as well as appeal to a greater number of people. They plan on doing this in their first formal event of the spring semester with guest lecturer, John Lysaker, speaking in the Boxer Pause in the University Center on Thursday, Feb. 25, at 3:30 p.m.

Lysaker is a professor of philosophy at Emory University and also an authority on Ralph Waldo Emerson with a number of his own published philosophy related works. Lysaker also specializes in philosophical psychology, social and political psychology, as well as 19th and 20th century continental and American philosophy.

“Lysaker will be speaking about philosophy in general, not really focusing on any one thing in particular,” sophomore and secretary of the Philosophy Club Sierra Barnes said. “The talk will focus on the different ways in which we can philosophize, how philosophy has changed over time, and how any person can philosophize on their own.”

While at Pacific, Lysaker will broaden the focus for his talk with students and discuss the very basics of philosophy as a whole.

“By keeping the talk more general, we hope to appeal to a larger audience,” said Barnes. “We hope to reach out to more people and hope people will realize that they use philosophy every day in their own lives already.”

No tickets are required for the event and food and drink will be offered to those in attendance.

“I am hoping that Lysaker will talk about why philosophy is still relevant and important in today’s world and why it is important we study it,” junior and president of the Philosophy Club Kenny Pyne said. “I think that this talk will tie together a lot of what philosophy students have been learning in their classes as well as offer people a new way in which to view philosophy.”

There will be time allotted for a Q and A with Lysaker at the event. However, both Barnes and Pyne are hoping the lecture will be more of an involving and interactive discussion.


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