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With Spring Break approaching do you know what fun activities you’ll be participating in? If the answer is no, fear not as Oregon offers a wide variety of enjoyable activities to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of some of the things you can do over break if you plan on staying in town.

Tour the Scenic Route 30.

With over 70 waterfalls on the Columbia River Gorge, it is the perfect place to get away. Traveling along the Historic Route 30, you can visit 5 waterfalls which include hikes ranging from easy to moderately difficult.

To take this journey through the gorge, give yourself a full day to explore. The drive from Forest Grove to the end of the tour is 62.9 miles but plan on stopping frequently as the vantage points are spectacular.

If you are an early riser, watching the sunrise on a clear day at the Crown Point Vista House is breathtaking with clear views of the canyon walls and flowing Columbia River.

Starting at the Crown Point Vista House, you can continue on highway 30 for 6 miles before running into Latourell Falls.

It can be seen from the highway but is definitely worth the stop. Within nine miles, Sheppards Dell, Bridal Veil Falls and Wahkeena falls come into view. Warning: Be careful of large rocks that are often in the road! From firsthand experience, a flat tire on Highway 30 is no fun.

The biggest attraction along the gorge, Multnomah Falls at a towering height of 627 feet, is Wahkeena Falls. Driving an additional 7 miles past Multnomah will lead to Oneonta Falls, Horsetail Falls and eventually Elowah Falls.

These waterfalls contribute unique beauty to Oregon, these waterfall gems are a must see.

Explore Northwest Portland

The Pittock Mansion which lies in the hills of Portland is a place like no other. Rich history and views of the city peak interest in tourists and locals alike.

For only $10, you can snag up a full day ticket to tour the mansion and learn about the family that lived there and the influence they had on Portland.

Located only two and a half miles from the Pittock Mansion, you can stop by arguably the strangest ice cream shop in Portland Salt and Straw in northwest Portland on 23rd Avenue.

This shop offers a variety of flavors ranging from Stumptown Coffee to lavender or, if you’re adventurous, bleu cheese and pear.

To finish off the day, head over to the eerie Macleay trail which is famous for its abandoned structure dubbed “The Witches Castle” Not more than a mile long, the short but muddy trail grants access to the crumbling structure.

So, whether you’re interested in escaping the city for a day or learning about Portland’s history,  Oregon has a wide variety of inexpensive activities to choose from.

What better way than to get  to know awesome places close to your Pacific home.


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