Students share spring break adventures

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12910902_1276381909042075_373500662_n WEB
Sophia Nation


20160314_111233 (1) WEB
Emy Gaub


IMG_1133 (1) WEB
Leah Klaas


IMG_7863 WEB
Erin Stuhldreher


IMG_9309 WEB
Janae Rasmussen


IMG_9654 WEB
Erin Stuhldreher


20160321_135714 WEB
Jessica Bickford


IMG_20160325_153320 WEB
Jessica Bickford


IMG_20160327_180058 WEB
Jessica Bickford


Students enjoyed spring break at a variety of locations. Sophomore Erin Stuhldreher relaxes in Florida, gazing at sunsets and playing with friends on the beach. Sophomore Jessica Bickford explores Utah, taking in the rolling canyons and sunsets. Senior Sophia Nation makes the most of a snowy day in Eastern Oregon . Senior Leah Klaas enjoys a segway tour through San Francisco. Senior Janae Rasmussen takes in a breathtaking view of Yosemite. Senior Emy Gaub enjoys the beautiful architecture of Vienna.

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