Clair experiecnes the real world of business

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Many students worry that their education will not prepare them for the harshness of the modern job market.

However, senior Harrison Clair feels confident that the experience he gained from working on his senior project will allow him to make a seamless transition from student to professional. 

Business major Clair and his partners seniors Dannika Sullivan and Trey Kodama, were required to create a new business that would run through a simulation lasting the entirety of their senior year.

While running the simulation, Clair and his partners had to tweak and adjust their business in order to keep it afloat.

By participating in the simulation, Clair became familiar with every aspect of running a company, from setting prices to the type of advertising that should be used.

After the simulation came to an end, Clair’s business was assessed by its profit margins.

Clair was evaluated on how well he performed as the owner of the business and on how his decisions affected the business as a whole. 

Clair talked about some of the issues that he had while working on the project, saying that each decision he made had both negative and positive effects requiring him to search for a balance that allowed the company to thrive.

Clair also highlighted the importance of understanding all of the intricate pieces that make up a business.

“Once you graduate you get to see how it works…when you are a part of a big company you get to see each of the individual pieces, and how much each small portion actually matters.”


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