Kama’aina embraces the message of Aloha

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The recently opened restaurant Kama’āina will have an event called Kama’āina Music Showcase this Saturday, April 16 at 9 p.m.

Roots Knight Productions, a local reggae band composed of current and past Pacific students will be performing along with three other bands: Kawika Buro, Sink or Swim and Sean Teach.

The band Roots Knight Productions has performed twice before at Kama’āina as a late-night show for a 21 and over audience. This upcoming event will be open to people aged 18 and older.

Chef Kevin Yamada recently opened his restaurant in January taking the place of 1910 Main Street Bistro, an upscale American bistro and restaurant.

Kama’āina means “child of the land” in Hawaiian and the goal of the restaurant is to give a sliver of what they hold so dear to each person and that being food and family.

“This word, Kama’āina, shows our culture and roots which keeps us grounded. ‘Aina by itself means that which feeds us.  This word sums up our values as we try to feed each other’s minds, bodies and souls with the abilities we were given,” Kama’āina’s website states.

Yamada along with his coworkers at Kama’āina want to provide more aloha to the region of Oregon. By having performances from bands, it gives the restaurant another avenue to bring in customers and create new memories.

Junior Mana Grace has been a part of Roots Knight Productions since October of 2014.

“I love performing at Kama’āina.” Grace said. “The energy is nice and pretty up there. Its full of positive vibes.”

Grace also performs with Pacific alumni Michael Abang and Ali Kepa. Grace, who started out as a business major changed to art and within the past year has focused on developing his passion for music.

“There’s something about music that I love and that draws me to it,” Grace said.

Kama’āina’s music nights are a great way for Grace to share his passion of music with others and for the restaurant a chance for customers to reminisce of home while creating new memories.   


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