Improv Troupe wants to take you to prom

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The Drama Club’s Improv Troupe will attempt to cheer up and help alleviate the stress of finals for students in their final performance of the year, Improm.

“Improv is the act of creating something from nothing, we do improv for the sake of comedy,” said Improv Troupe leader and co-host of this year’s final show senior Alec Lugo.

A variety of different improv games, including party quirks and freeze, are played at the shows which often require participation from the audience and place the improv actors in a wide array of situations in which they must create a scene from nothing, with no script and no guidelines.

At improv shows the audience and the troupe of actors interact with one another in a fun and communal experience, feeding off each other’s energy.

“The audience is a huge part of improv, almost every game we play requires audience suggestions,” explained Lugo. “It’s also nice having the audience be a part of the show, because the show is really for them.”

The Improv Troupe, which is headed by Lugo, is composed of eight student actors and two alternates who meet twice a week for an hour to practice.

Lugo explained that practices usually consist of playing improv games, just like they would at an actual show, as well as some classroom time in which actors are taught the golden rules of improv.

“One of the big things we teach in improv is to come up with open ended questions, keep an open mind during a performance, never deny another person and never say no,” said Lugo.

Lugo, who will be co-hosting the final show of the year alongside sophomore Corri Seideman, hopes the audience will be able to enjoy themselves and forget about the stress of finals.

“Our shows are for our audience, we want people to have fun,” said Lugo.

“We, as an Improv Troupe, want to offer our abilities of sharp wit and timing to the audience for a night of laughs and give something to the audience members that they can look forward to in years to come in future shows.”

The final show of the year which is named Imrom will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Black Box Theater and at midnight in the Tom Miles Theater May 10.

The show will be a formal of sorts in which actors and the audience are invited to dress in black tie attire and enjoy the show in style.

The Drama Club will provide audience members with popcorn before the 7:30 p.m. showing and no tickets are required for either show, however, seating is limited.


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