Outdoor Pursuits talks future trips

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Interest in Outdoor Pursuit activities continues to grow with more and more trips being offered each year.

Last year there was roughly 1,000 days in which students ventured outdoors and participated in different trips.

That number was toppled this year with students taking part in Outdoor Pursuit activities for a total of 1,600 days throughout the 2015-2016 school year. This is due largely in part to the creation and addition of the Stand Up Paddle Boarding series and the Sea Kayaking series.

Unfortunately, there will be no trips offered this summer for students staying on campus. Instead, OP will use their summer time and resources to go to Mount Rainier for a staff training and bonding expedition.

The team will be working diligently over the summer to plan trips for students for the upcoming 2016-17 school year.

Some tentative trips in the planning include a Whitewater Rafting series and a second Summit Series for those who missed out on the opportunity to go this year, which taught attendees the ins and outs of summiting a mountain and ended in a successful summit of Mt. St. Helens.

The staff is also hopeful that the Surf Series, hosted by anthropology professor Aaron Greer, will make a comeback in the fall for students to once again take part in.

The spring semester and spring break schedules will be finalized and posted at the after the end of the fall semester.

“Take an Intro to Kayaking class or Series through Outdoor Pursuits to help you get started taking advantage of this beautiful place we call home,” said Assistant Director of Outdoor Pursuits Sam Morrison in a blog post.  “Your only excuse to not become a boater in the Pacific Northwest is if you aren’t a fan of getting wet…and out here that’s just not a very good excuse at all.”

Oregon is a very green place with many hidden gems that can be revealed after signing up for Outdoor Pursuits.


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