Center for Gender Equity talks agenda

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The Center For Gender Equity (CGE) is a wonderful place doing wonderful things on campus. The center has had a tremendous amount of success this semester with the many events they have already held. Some of these events include a bag lunch to discuss fitness at all sizes, a dinner to talk about the GSS minor and provide information about the CGE itself, the Undie Run, and most recently, a play about the issue of sex trafficking. 
The CGE’S mission statement entails that their goal is to “promote 
dialogue, programming, service, research, education, and advocacy to support 
gender equity at Pacific University and in its neighboring communities.” The 
center offers many different activities and services that are open to everyone on Pacific’s campuses and in its community, regardless of gender. The Center For Gender Equity allows students to speak up about gender 
issues that they are passionate about and that are relevant in today’s society. 
There are a number of different ways to become involved in the CGE. Martha Rampton, a history professor here at Pacific, is the director for the center and is always working hard to get people enthused about issues regarding gender equity and the center in general. Students are able to work in the center as well. The CGE recently found a graphic designer so that means more awesome posters, flyers, and other graphics to see around campus. There are sometimes work study jobs available, and if not, volunteering is still a great way to help, even 
if it’s just making cool buttons.

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