Alumni return to campus

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Paci c University recently held its annual Homecoming football game on Oct. 15th. With homecoming there’s dances, a football game, the noise parade and multiple other activities that current students can participate in.

However, current undergraduates are not the only people that can be found during Homecoming. Paci c’s alumni were also on campus during the event.

A selected board of alumni attended the Alumni at Lunch meeting where alumni met and discussed plans for Homecoming as well as had time to reminisce on their days at Paci c.

From high school math teachers, business owners, to even Paci c faculty, everyone attending the lunch had something diverse in their background.

Inez Griffles, who graduated with a degree in physical education in 1966, remembered the exact spot where she was on campus when

President John Kennedy was shot. After college, Griffles worked in optometry for 23 years and dedicated many years to volunteering. Grif es also raised two daughters after college.

“The best years I had when growing up were spent at Paci c University,” Grif es said. “If I could give any advice to current freshman undergraduates, I would tell them to get involved with as much as you can”.

Myra Beeler, who graduated in 1962, added: “Kids need to take every opportunity they have to volunteer and get involved with what they are passionate about.”

Beeler also expressed how important she thought it is for students to connect with their teachers.

“My father was the head of the chemistry department when I had attended Pacific University,” Beeler said. “Still, to this day, I run into people who have nice things to say about him. The staff here [are also] just fabulous and they want to do everything to help you succeed in school.”

Another popular topic

during the lunch was Paci c’s student life. During the 1960s, Pacific’s Greek life was alive and thriving. There were at least 60 students per fraternity or sorority. The group came to an agreement that it’s upsetting to see that Paci c’s Greek life is not what it used to be 50 years ago.

“For me, Greek life was such a good experience and it upsets me that kids now can’t experience that,” Jim Hennig, who graduated in 1965, said. “I’m concerned that it’s going to disappear completely.”

Paci c’s Greek life in the 1960s was also very involved with student life and brightening up the campus. During football games, the fraternities and sororities would decorate huge banners and hang them up all around the school’s football eld. Each house also had their own chant tailored to their values.

They would chant in unison, loud and proud, during the football games.

The noise parade was also a huge event during Homecoming.

Each house would make their own oat and chant a song

as loud as they could. Whoever’s house was the loudest, won the parade. Jones shared a story about how his fraternity had gathered up a bunch of science majors and together, all the boys had made a small bomb that when lit, exploded in a trash can that let off a sound unlike anything one had ever heard.

“We put the trash can in the bed of a truck and it was all going well until we passed by a store with a huge glass window and the sound of the explosion had completely shattered the display glass,” Hennig said.

Each alumnus had their own interesting story to share from their days at Pacific. Although seeing the football games and meeting up with past classmates is fun, the most important part about alumni coming back to Paci c for Homecoming is that each alumnus contributes to bettering Paci c.

It is because of these alumni that Paci c went from having only three departments to eight now.

The alumni that come to visit contribute to making Paci c the school it is today.


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